When the label became a reality in 2017, it was not a serious endeavor. The label was akin to a craft hobby or after school activity. As a solo label owner, musician, designer etc. I also found the time to dub and manufacture the final products in my various apartment building for nearly 18 months. Balancing all of these tasks with a full time job and other real life responsibilities became incredibily daunting.

Every break and hiatus the label took since the start was due to needing to catch up. We've run notoriously behind on most of our endeavors due to lack of preparation, unforseen, or otherwise unfortunate events. However, we have continued to push forward as a label due to unwavering passion. With all of this behind us, we are taking the time now to implement a strong plan that will encourage a more positive experience for both the label and the consumer.

Moving Forward

Over the past two years, the label has been plagued by slow shipping times. To combat this, we are implementing the following:

  • No Pre-Orders
  • Limited Webstore Availablity
  • 100% Transparency & Communication
  • Greater Focus on Customer Service